Hello, I'm Tito. I love to

create projects & businesses

that create opportunities.

based in
Puerto Rico
My Brands

Alight Strategic

A different take on a digital marketing agency where awesome content comes first.

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Febus Films

Wedding photography and videography for the couples of today's era.

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The Over Invested

Web3 blog and social experiment ran by a group of foward thinkers.

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1191 Handmade

My first venture into physical products, retail and e-commerce.

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Alight Strategic vs Traditional Marketing Agencies

For Alight, it was very important for me to put quality content first. We wanted to be different and stand out over the typical traditional mechanics of an impersonal machine-like corporation, who sends you a strategy and a list of people to pay an exorbitant amount of money to make it happen without a meeting or even a video call to explain it.

We give you the strategy and go make it ourselves. Simple.

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Kianna Estrella

Project Manager & Content Creator

The wife! She's the boss. Literally, she is taking care of Febus Films and all the management. A woman's touch is needed in all types of business. Kianna does an amazing job at making sure everything looks perfect in a feed.

Jayson Sierra

Creative Director & Alight Co-Founder

Jayson works as the Creative Director of Alight Strategic. He has more than a decade of Photography and Videography experience and is one heck of a drone pilot. Jayson is an amazing copywriter, editor and graphic artist too.

Albert Burgos

Content Creator & Project Manager

Albert is an amazing Content Creator, he can take on clients and handle all the logistics it needs to be successful online. Out of all of us, he has the most experience behind a camera. Albert works with me in Alight and Febus Films.

Kevin Santana

Developer & Project Manager

After I decided to dedicate more time on other brands and ventures, Kevin stepped up as the Alight Strategic manager, taking care of all day to day operations. Kevin has a vast skill set, from website development to NFT art, he's a jack of all trades.

What I Do

Website Design

I truly enjoy creating websites. I like puzzles too, to me, they are puzzles waiting to be solved.

Content Creation

This is where my roots are. I'm a Photographer and a Videographer over everything else.


I know how to reach people. Be it through social media, Google or even TV. This is my day to day.


Everyday there is something new. I run businesses, I know exactly how hard it is to keep up. My job, is to keep up.

What I Use


Premiere is my go-to video editing software as it blends well with other Adobe products.

After Effects

I use After Effects for all my video graphic needs.


Adobe's most popular tool, Photoshop is the first product I ever learned how to use.


Vector graphics are done using Illustrator.


With Processing, I can use the power of Javascript to create lightweight app's.

Google Ads

I can reach a specific audience on a specific location, looking specifically for you.

Meta Business Suite

Facebook and Instagram Ads will help people find your brand first.


I love to design websites. Webflow for me, is the most time efficient and powerful platform.


I had to learn how to do 3D right? Obviously. Thanks Covid.


Tave is a Client Management Software to automate emails, calendars, contracts, everything.


This is how you retain clients. If you own a business and don't have email marketing, get to it.


5 Aug.


In 1994

I was born Roberto Josué Febus Dedós in San Juan, Puerto Rico. My father worked as a Computer and Network Tech. My favorite toys where broken hard drive disks and the magnets inside.


After studying to become a Computer and Network Technician, I started to work for photographers on weddings and events. In 2016 I decided to create my first business, Febus Films. With Febus Films I got a lot of clients very quickly and I had to sharpen my skills in everything that involved running a business, including building a website, running all types of ads online and all the legal aspects I needed to learn.

2018 - 2019

In 2018, I worked with Marketing Agencies with big clients like Mercedes Benz and over 15 dealerships around the Island of Puerto Rico. During this time I got to travel around the world and get exposure to so many amazing cultures. This helped me learn lessons I apply every single day.

During this time, I met a beautiful woman named Kianna Estrella. Our relationship was instant and amazing, but she lived 1191 miles away from me. So I had to step up my game.

In 2019, before Covid-19 was in the minds of every human being on this planet, I saw the many shortcomings of traditional marketing agencies and I got together with Jayson to onboard the best team we could to create Alight Strategic.

After Covid-19 hit, Alight Strategic took off and invoiced 1/4th a million dollars in it’s first year.

2020 -2021

With all the stress that came with all the work that came in suddenly, I looked to hobbies I could monetize in the future that was completely unrelated to computers or cameras. This is when I fell in love with leather-craft. I designed bags and wallets that I would gift to my friends and family, with time, I perfected it as best as I could.

This sparked the Idea of creating a small company to learn about retail, production and e-commerce. After creating 1191 Handmade, I decided to dive deep into Amazon FBA and Chinese production to create products I could sell all around the globe. Today, although I have the knowledge of how to achieve this effectively, I am yet to put it to practice.

2021 - Now

I got married November 4th, 2021 and I moved to Florida where I'm still working on all this brands and more, including Web3 development and adoption.

My amazing wife learned how to edit and shoot photography and videos, consequently, she took over Febus Films. Kevin, an amazing artist and friend manages Alight Strategic as I explore new opportunities with brands around the United States

My Process



When I want to learn something, I read, read, and read. Once I grasp the idea of how something works, I move on to the next step.

Reverse Engineer


Next, I find who did it best and reverse engineer it. This is how I learned how to trade stocks, build computers and write solidity code for the Ethereum blockchain.



Next, I create and try my own version. My goal here is to prove I can make it as best as I can. If I can complete it once, I'll try and perfect it a couple times more.



Once I have it down. I build, teach and expand. These steps help me in everything I do.

Final Words

So... Why this website?

If a company is asking for resumes, it's probably not the company or client I'm looking to work with. Please don't take this as an offense or insult. I would love to talk about how a different hiring process can help you find employees who are more connected to your brand instead of looking for the next opportunity that comes their way.

With the risk of sounding narcissistic, the idea of having this website is to make sure my teams and my resources are out in the world and easily accessible at any time. Specially if anyone asks for my business card. Well, this is it!

Goals and Ideology

My goal is to find brands that need my help in all types of digital needs. I consider myself a forward thinker and I see many companies have a hard time with getting rid of old habits and traditions. I want to be able to lead teams in the right direction by using new mediums and processes. Web3 is a great example of something big and small companies are missing out on in the next big wave of internet technology.

I'm big on investing opportunities and crypto. Although I don’t push it at all to any of my clients, I do see where teams are missing out in terms of capital, a hedge against inflation, marketing and investment opportunities.

I'm also big on giving more power to the team members who want to do more and give them more reasons to be involved and exited about the brand they work for.

If you made it all the way down here, thank you for reading. Let me know you got all the way here in any of the links below and I'll personally buy you a coffee next time we meet. Here's my signature to seal the deal.

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